I  N  D  E  X:   G  I  L  D  E  D    A  G  E
1. Edward Mitchell Bannister
    Tree Landscape

2. Paul Wayland Bartlett
    Bohemian Bear Tamer

3. Paul Wayland Bartlett
    Woman Knitting

4. Cecilia Beaux
    Man with the Cat (Henry Sturgis Drinker)

5. Frank W. Benson

6. Ralph Albert Blakelock
    Moonlight, Indian Encampment

7. Frederick Arthur Bridgman
    Cafe at Biskra, Algeria

8. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
    A Reading

9. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
    Lady in White (No. 2)

10. Thomas Wilmer Dewing

11. Frank Duveneck
      Water Carriers, Venice

12. Thomas Eakins
      William Rush's Model

13. J. William Fosdick
      Adoration of St. Joan of Arc

14. J. Bond Francisco
      The Sick Child

15. Daniel Chester French
      Concord Minute Man of 1775

16. Henry Brown Fuller

17. Walter Gay
      Novembre, Etaples

18. Childe Hassam

19. Albert Herter
      Woman with Red Hair

20. Winslow Homer
      High Cliff, Coast of Maine

21. George Inness

22. George Inness
      September Afternoon

23. Chauncey Bradley Ives

24. Eastman Johnson
      The Girl I Left Behind Me

25. Hugh Bolton Jones
      Lighthouse Beach, Annisquam

26. William Sergeant Kendall
      An Interlude

27. John La Farge
      Wreath of Flowers

28. William Henry Lippincott
      Farm Interior: Breton Children Feeding Rabbits

29. Frederick MacMonnies
      Venus and Adonis

30. Arthur F. Mathews
      Spring Dance

31. Gari Melchers
      The Sermon

32. H. Siddons Mowbray
      Idle Hours

33. Elizabeth Nourse
      Fisher Girl of Picardy

34. William Ordway Partridge
      Alfred, Lord Tennyson

35. Charles Sprague Pearce
      Lamentations over the Death of the Firstborn of Egypt

36. Albert Pinkham Ryder
      Flying Dutchman

37. Albert Pinkham Ryder

38. Albert Pinkham Ryder
      Lord Ullin's Daughter

39. Albert Pinkham Ryder
      With Sloping Mast and Dipping Prow

40. Augustus Saint-Gaudens

41. Augustus Saint-Gaudens
      Robert Louis Stevenson

42. Augustus Saint-Gaudens
      The Adams Memorial

43. Augustus Saint-Gaudens
      Violet Sargent

44. Augustus Saint-Gaudens and John La Farge
      Apollo with Cupids

45. John Singer Sargent
      Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler

46. James Jebusa Shannon
      Mother and Child (Lady Shannon and Kitty)

47. Charles Walter Stetson

48. Henry Ossawa Tanner

49. Henry Ossawa Tanner

50. Abbott Handerson Thayer

51. Abbott Handerson Thayer

52. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      The Stevenson Memorial

53. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      Virgin Enthroned

54. Louis Comfort Tiffany
      Market Day Outside the Walls of Tangiers, Morocco

55. Elihu Vedder
      The Cup of Death

56. Bessie Potter Vonnoh
      In Arcadia

57. Adolph A. Weinman
      Descending Night

58. Adolph A. Weinman
      Rising Sun

59. John Ferguson Weir

60. Irving R. Wiles
      Russian Tea