I  N  D  E  X:   S  C  E  N  E  S    O  F    A  M  E  R  I  C  A  N    L  I  F  E
1. E. Dewey Albinson
    Northern Minnesota Mine

2. Marvin Beerbohm
    Automotive Industry (mural, Detroit Public Library)

3. Thomas Hart Benton

4. Peter Blume
    Vegetable Dinner

5. Ilya Bolotowsky
    In the Barber Shop

6. Paul Cadmus
    Aspects of Suburban Life: Golf

7. Paul Cadmus
    Aspects of Suburban Life: Polo

8. Paul Cadmus
    Aspects of Suburban Life: Public Dock

9. Pedro Cervantez
    View of the Artist's Home

10. Tyrone Comfort
      Gold Is Where You Find It

11. Ralston Crawford
      Buffalo Grain Elevators

12. Allan Rohan Crite
      Sunlight and Shadow

13. Douglass Crockwell
      Paper Workers

14. Beauford Delaney
      Can Fire in the Park

15. Joseph Delaney
      Penn Station at War Time

16. Ross Dickinson
      Valley Farms

17. Harvey Dinnerstein

18. Philip Evergood
      Woman at the Piano

19. Karl Fortess
      Island Dock Yard

20. Lily Furedi

21. William Glackens
      Beach Umbrellas at Blue Point

22. Gertrude Goodrich
      Scenes of American Life (Beach)

23. William Gropper
      Construction of the Dam (study for mural, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.)

24. O. Louis Guglielmi
      Relief Blues

25. Joseph Hirsch
      The Naked Man

26. Alexandre Hogue
      Dust Bowl

27. Edward Hopper
      Cape Cod Morning

28. Edward Hopper
      People in the Sun

29. Edward Hopper
      Ryder's House

30. William H. Johnson

31. William H. Johnson
      Early Morning Work

32. Max Kalish
      Man of Steel

33. Margaret Brassler Kane
      Harlem Dancers

34. Morris Kantor
      Baseball at Night

35. Rockwell Kent
      Snow Fields (Winter in the Berkshires)

36. Frank C. Kirk

37. Leon Kroll
      Summer—New York

38. Yasuo Kuniyoshi
      Strong Woman and Child

39. Jacob Lawrence
      The Library

40. Helen Lundeberg
      Double Portrait of the Artist in Time

41. Paul Manship

42. Reginald Marsh
      George Tilyou's Steeplechase

43. Reginald Marsh
      Locomotives, Jersey City

44. Austin Mecklem
      Engine House and Bunkers

45. Roger Medearis
      Godly Susan

46. Kenjiro Nomura
      The Farm

47. Horace Pippin
      Old Black Joe

48. Earle Richardson
      Employment of Negroes in Agriculture

49. Hugo Robus
      One and Another

50. Joseph Rugolo
      Mural of Sports

51. Honoré Sharrer
      Tribute to the American Working People

52. Millard Sheets
      Tenement Flats

53. John Sloan
      Travelling Carnival, Santa Fe

54. Moses Soyer
      Artists on WPA

55. Raphael Soyer

56. Ray Strong
      Golden Gate Bridge

57. Agnes Tait
      Skating in Central Park

58. George Tooker
      In the Summerhouse

59. George Tooker
      The Waiting Room

60. Robert Vickrey

61. Grant Wood

62. Andrew Wyeth
      Dodges Ridge