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Landscapes and Mount Monadnock

To Paintings: Landscapes and Mount Monadnock

Painting: Spring Hillside Thayer's early landscapes were sunny views of hills dotted with cattle. At the turn of the century, he developed a broad style with fresh, brisk brushwork. He combined thinly painted washes and thick brushstrokes to create the illusion of great distances.

After 1900, Thayer focused on views of Mount Monadnock, the grand presence above his home and studio in Dublin, New Hampshire. Thayer's visions of Monadnock owe a debt to transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, who also stood in awe at the sight of this particular mountain. He portrayed the mountain in its seasonal "personalities," but came to favor a view of the bright dawn's winter sun striking the peak.

To Paintings: Landscapes and Mount Monadnock

Pictured above: Spring Hillside,ca. 1889, oil, 43.5 x 58.9 cm, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rosse

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