The Heavenly Potter
For I remember stopping by the way
To watch a Potter thumping his wet Clay,
And with its all-obliterated Tongue
It murmur'd---"Gently, Brother, gently, pray"

Listen---a moment listen!---Of the same
Poor Earth from which that Human Whisper came
The luckless Mould in which Mankind was cast
They did compose, and call'd him by the name.

And not a drop that from our Cups we throw
For Earth to drink of, but may steal below
To quench the fire of Anguish in some Eye
There hidden---far beneath, and long ago.

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Vedder's note: As Omar, in imagination, saw the potter forming the cup out of clay that once lived, so the artist sees in the potter an angelic workman remoulding the clay into some form which may hold a far better wine than that of the cup from which the poet drank