Suzanne L. Amendolara | Flora, Scent Bottle
Suzanne L. Amendolara

born 1963
Resides in Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Photograph by William Mathie

Biography Statement
Sue Amendolara earned her Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1988. She's an Assistant Professor of Jewelry Design/Metalsmithing at Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Among her honors is a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship and Juror's Award from the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Her work has been displayed in the American Craft Museum in New York City and at the Museé Nationale Suisse, in Zurich. She's a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the American Craft Council, and the Society of North American Silversmiths.


For ten years I have been combining precious meterials, making jewelry and functional holloware. I want to create works that have a sense of beauty, fantasy and femininity, that might exist in an idealized world. The material and processes used in traditional metalworking lend themselves to the creation of these fantastic objects.

Plant life has been a major source of inspiration for me. I have been attracted to and draw from the distinctive blossoms of orchids and acacia and the leaves of various plants. I hope to capture their gesture and grace. Healthy plants are strong living organisms yet their forms can be delicate and intricate. I find this contrast between delicacy and strength a compelling element of nature and use this contrast in my work.

In the spring of 1993, I traveled down the Amazon River Basin in a dug out canoe. Being in the primary rainforest was an amazing experience and I was completely intrigued with the sights, sounds and scents of the jungle. The plant forms I saw were very beautiful and different than anything I had seen before. The unusual plants were enhanced for me visually by the way they grew together and intertwined with other plants and flowers. They were dependent on each other for life and most were strong and healthy. The visual combination of various plants, their strength and the support structure they provided for each other inspired my latest series of work, my "Jungle" series.

The artwork of several cultures has been influential in the development of form and content in my work. Ancient Egyptian and Indian artwork have influenced me most. I am interested in the intricate, regal and stoic forms in Egyptian jewelry and objects, the sophisticated technique and fine craftsmanship employed by the artist. Indian watercolors of the 17th century depict romantic scenes using stylized forms and decorative borders. They are delicately painted with incredible attention to detail. The artworks of both of these cultures possess spiritual qualities. I hope to capture these sensibilities in my work.

My works are constructed predominantly in sterling silver to accentuate preciousness and create an elegant character. I have used various materials in conjunction with sterling silver, such as bone, coral, ebony, and 24K gold foil. These material complement each other in color, texture and surface. They also define shape and detail.

It is important for me to make functional objects and jewelry. The fact that my works can be used or worn to adorn the body creates an intimate relationship with the viewer/wearer. The pieces I make are intended for use in very special or romantic occasion.

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