White House Tour - Blue Room

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David W. Levi

Bird Jar

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Harvey K. Littleton

Blue Orchid Implied Movement

David Levi's bright blue and yellow Bird Jar appears to be completely at ease in the Blue Room. The Oval Room is furnished in the French Empire style and features acanthus leaves, eagles, and urns as decorative motifs.Levi's blown glass vessel, set on a mahogany marble topped table purchased by Monroe in 1817, holds its own as the room's focal point.The jar echoes in color the graceful blue satin draperies with handmade fringe and gold valences.

Resting on a fireplace mantle in the Blue Room is an elegant blown glass sculpture by Harvey Littleton.In this piece Littleton takes full advantage of the once flowing quality of molten glass and captures it in that state. The deep blue color in the teardrop base of each unit suggests a source of energy for these writhing tendrils as they reach skyward.