John S. Cummings | Porcelain Vase--Sang-de-Boeuf
John S. Cummings

born 1940
Resides in Nashville, Tennessee

Biography Statement
John S. Cummings earned his BS degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia in Chemical Engineering. "Before dropping out of the real world to pursue studio life," he says, "I had a successful career in new product development and marketing in Plastics." He adds, "Since 1980, I have been self-employed as a potter specializing in porcelain."

His work has been shown in Tennessee and throughout the United States. He is represented in the permanent collection of former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander, and Ambassador Pamela Harriman. His pieces have been seen in over 60 countries, from Iceland to Russia, China and Japan.


My work is guided by the principle - "the complex can appear simple at first glance." I feel that a successful piece should have a personality that you want to live with, yet have a depth of character that you want to get to know. An ideal piece is one that becomes a positive part of your life.

Frank E. Cummings Judy Dales