In The Studio, Part Two

Virginia Dotson, woodturner, delighted President and Mrs. Clinton with Sunlight #4. Now she has offered to share with us the making of her newest work, a laminated turned wood platter of Ash and Ebon-X (TM) woods. This is the second installment of that process. Here, in part two she takes the glued vessel and starts to work it towards completion through turning.

Please come back often. Here is a unique opportunity to watch as an accomplished artist bring us into her world to see up close how these great works are created.

Ready to turn

The completed blank has been trimmed, mounted on the lathe, and is ready to turn. I will start working with the bowl gouge in the foreground.


I am shaping the interior of the vessel, and chips are flying.

Next: Part three will show us the final work leading to the completed vessel.

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