White House Tour - Entrance Hall

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Cheryl C. Williams
Prayer Bowls

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John Littleton & Kate Vogel
Imago Bowl

Cheryl Williams' Three Prayer Bowls, with their gold-leaf interiors, relate naturally to the gilded bronze of the French Empire clock, the framed mirror, and the edge of the table purchased by President James Monroe in 1817. Reflected in the mirror is the grand staircase that leads to the First family's private quarters. The large entrance hall, used by guests as they arrive on the state floor, is furnished with pieces in the French Empire style

Glass blowers Kate Vogel and John Littleton have created this unusual and brightly colored sculpture. The Baroque character of their piece relates beautifully to the flowing contours of this exquisitely carved mahogany swan. The sculpture repeats the forms found in the swelling and bulbous legs of this small table.