In The Studio

John Jordan loves to share his expertise about hollow turning with other woodturners.

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(machine sound) Now I've got a little flashlight here, and I can peek in there and see what I've got. Looks real good. So I'm an even half inch, actually it's a fat three-eights all the way down to the bottom. This is where I am now, I've taken it to an even half inch thick all the way through. So the next step is taking it to about half that, about a quarter inch thick. And the important part of this is everywhere I stop cutting, I'll leave this very distinct shoulder, and what that does is give me a place to pick back up when I start the next cut.

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(grinding sound) I'll get my calipers. Okay, it looks real good. I'm down about right here, and we're about a quarter of inch thick.

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