Cliff Lee | Peach Vase on a Pedestal
Cliff Lee

born 1951
Resides in Stevens, Pennsylvania

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Cliff Lee was born in 1951 in Vienna, where his father was an ambassador. His father held diplomatic posts in a number of other cities, including Paris. Lee came to this country in 1968, and started Hershey Medical School at Pennsylvania State College before deciding he wanted to be an artist/scientist rather than a doctor/scientist.

He received a MA degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where he met his wife Holly, a jeweler. His work has been exhibited throughout the world, from Taiwan to Newport, Rhode Island.


"There's nothing more difficult than working porcelain on the potter's wheel. ...But I've developed a sensitivity, a dialogue with the material."

Ask the Artist

Where do you get the ideas for your work?

I have gotten my ideas for the work from the nature and my surroundings.

Do you work alone on your craft, or with others?

Yes, I do work alone.

Do you ever teach, or take on apprentices?

Occasionally, I conduct workshops and lectures and demos.

What's the most exciting part of creating your works?

Doing it.

What's the most difficult part of creating your works?


What sort of technology do you use in your work? Has the technology of your craft changed dramatically over the past 100 years?

No. Hard work and persistency.

Do you have any advice for somebody just starting out?

Keep practicing. Don't give up.

Can you share a "secret of the trade" with us--something nobody else knows or that you found out only after years of experience? Put another way--what do you wish somebody had told you when you were just starting out that might have saved you hours of wasted effort?

The more you work, the more I find out I know less.

What are we missing by experiencing your work through the Internet and not seeing/hearing/feeling/smelling/touching it in person?

Doing it.

Jon Kuhn Po Shun Leong