White House Tour - Library

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Curtis Benzle
Susan Scianamblo Benzle
Tuxedo Junction

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Cliff Lee
Peach Vase

Potters Curtis and Susan Benzle create distinctively shaped vessels that invite viewers to look down into them. Resting on a gold base, this bowl is the perfect choice for this fireplace mantle. Above the bowl is a still life painting by William Michael Harnett that features a realistic representation of a folded newspaper.

The newspaper, the porcelain bowl, and the marble surround of the fireplace resonate with harmonious black and white patterns.

The White House Library is filled with books representing the complete spectrum of American thought and tradition. Placed in the center of a drum table attributed to the New York cabinet maker Duncan Phyfe, is potter Cliff Lee's porcelain vase.

Lee, who lives in rural Pennsylvania, has a delightful sense of humor that belies the kind of intensity required to carve this design.

The beautiful green glaze complements the soft grey and rose color scheme of this room.