The Making of a Megaworld-Steps 31-33

31) This is a photograph of Josh's Megaworld crew, including Jake Hoffman, Rick Bardwell, Mike Armstrong, Jay LaRocque, Heather Richard, Chad Sarafin, John Boron, Donna Amstein, and Carla Caruso. Everybody worked in the hot shop assisting in the final construction of the piece. Diantha Wholey is not pictured.

32) and 33) While the technological challenges of glassblowing inspire, there is a basic, more distinct connection between Josh's art and the natural worlds around us. Inspired by astronaut's views of Earth from outer space, his work means to impress upon its viewers both the fragility and the immensity of our own planet within the Solar System. Photographs of the Earth, like this one, echo in the photographs of Josh's Megaworlds such as this one, which was created in 1993. This Megaworld (serial #11.2) is much smaller than the piece Josh was making in this photograph. However, it is a good representation of the various techniques described as well as of the variety of color achieved in such a complex and intricate piece.

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