The Making of a Megaworld-Steps 19-20

19) Josh is holding cane spaceships in his hand to show not only the scale but the variety of spaceships that he will use in this Megaworld. Each of these satellites are made from the twisted cane and shaped over a small torch flame. This Megaworld will use over fifty flame worked spaceships and thousands of canes on its surface.

20) Each Megaworld is created using the same process. It begins by gathering a small bit of glass on a steel blowpipe. This layer, as well as each consecutive layer, will be decorated with spaceships, cane, gold leaf, tiny bits of powdered glass, silver, or trapped air bubbles. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the medium and the imagination of the artist, no two Megaworlds will look alike. The glass used to create oceans and seas is a unique silver reactive glass. The ocean's pattern is determined by many variables, including the length of exposure to certain chemicals, temperature, and the presence of other chemicals in the raw glass colors used to create continents. In this photograph, Josh is working on a layer of the silver reactive or "Blue New Mexico," glass. Josh is adding thousands of pieces of various canes, including the cane with the clear cross, to this layer.

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