The Making of a Megaworld-Steps 1-2

1) Cane is extraordinarily complex and colorful. To prepare the first cane, Josh stretches a glob of one or two colors of molten glass like taffy between two blowpipes, running in opposite direction from his assistant until the glass is the diameter of a pencil. Each different cane is then cut into five-inch segments. This process is repeated until every color of the rainbow is represented. In the first photograph, Josh bundles hundreds of pink segments of cane together around a clear, cross-shaped core. This bundle will be fused and stretched into a cane, the detail from each individual colored segment remaining defined within the bundle. Many different colors can be used in each bundle because if they are fused correctly, the glass colors will not bleed or become muddied. The bundle will be brought up to working temperature, about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, in a small kiln.
2) This second picture shows the bundle at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in a small kiln. After the canes are bundled with wire, a computerized kiln controls temperature, allowing the bundle to reach working temperature in several hours. As the temperature of the glass rises, the pieces begin to melt and bond together.

Introduction               Steps 3-4