In The Studio

Zack Oxman grew up in his mother's studio. But not every craft-kid goes into the business, and Zack resisted. When he went off to school, he found himself drawn to sculpture and metalworking. He's brought a lot of his early pieces to his parents' 100-year-old Victorian, which sits by a burbling brook in Hillsboro, Virginia.

Zack built an incredible pavillion for his sister's wedding-- which must have been quite an affair. He's a self-assured and gentle-natured guy. You get the feeling he thinks he's pretty lucky to be an artist full-time.

Here's a description of how Zack made his menorah:

"I start with a wax figure. I carve it. I actually apply the clothing; I have little patterns that I cut out of thin sheets of wax--like for the lapels--and I set those on. And the hat is cut out almost just like a tailor or a hatmaker would make a hat. Other parts, I heat up chunks with a hairdryer, and you can work it just like clay. I'm always looking for faster, more efficient ways of working the wax, and it really just expands your ideas and how your whole sculptures develop."

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