Incandescent Bottles | Michael Sherrill

Incandescent Bottles

White stoneware, alkaline and barium glazes;
22 1/2 x 5 in.; 1 x 5 in.; 10 x 7 in.
(57.2x12.7 cm;45.7x12.7 cm;25.4x17.8 cm)
Lent by the White House
gift of the artist
Photograph by John Bigelow Taylor

White House Tour (Vermeil Room)
The simple and attenuated forms of these bottles offer intriguing variation in the physical relationships among the parts of ceramic vessels: handle, foot, body, neck, and lip. Sherrill distinguished the parts by vibrant, incandescent hues on the chalky and pitted surfaces of the bottles.

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Incandescent Bottles (Detail)

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