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Past Exhibitions

A chronological list of exhibitions and installations presented since 1958 is updated annually.


Gene Davis: Hot Beat

Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern

Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image

Visions and Revisions: Renwick Invitational 2016

Artworks by African Americans from the Collection

Harlem Heroes: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten

The Art of Romaine Brooks

Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions

No Mountains in the Way: Photographs from the Kansas Documentary Survey, 1974


Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image


Crosscurrents: Modern Art from the Sam Rose and Julie Walters Collection

Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty

The Modern Pueblo Painting of Awa Tsireh

Measured Perfection: Hiram Powers’ Greek Slave

Watch This! Revelations in Media Art

Special Installation of Nineteen American Masterworks

The Artistic Journey of Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Mingering Mike’s Supersonic Greatest Hits


The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art

Richard Estes’ Realism

Untitled: The Art of James Castle

Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget

Pop Art Prints

Modern American Realism: The Sara Roby Foundation Collection


Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art

A Measure of the Earth: The Cole-Ware Collection of American Baskets

Infinite Place: The Ceramic Art of Wayne Higby

Landscapes In Passing: Photographs by Steve Fitch, Robbert Flick, and Elaine Mayes

A Democracy of Images: Photographs from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

George Catlin’s American Buffalo

Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image

Thomas Day: Master Craftsman and Free Man of Color

Pictures in the Parlor


Nam June Paik: Global Visionary

The Civil War and American Art

40 under 40: Craft Futures

Abstract Drawings

African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond

Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image

The Art of Video Games

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage


Inventing a Better Mousetrap: Patent Models from the Rothschild Collection


Something of Splendor: Decorative Arts from the White House

Made in Chicago: The Koffler Collection

The Great American Hall of Wonders

History in the Making: Renwick Craft Invitational 2011

To Make a World: George Ault and 1940s America

Close to Home: Photographers and Their Families


Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image

Alexis Rockman: A Fable for Tomorrow

A Revolution in Wood: The Bresler Collection

John Gossage: The Pond

Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Remembering the Running Fence

The Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps, 1942-1946

Framing the West: The Survey Photographs of Timothy H. O'Sullivan

Graphic Masters III: Highlights from the Smithsonian American Art Museum


What's It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospect

Staged Stories: Renwick Craft Invitational 2009

Graphic Masters II: Highlights from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Grand Salon Installation—Paintings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Jean Shin: Common Threads

The Art and Craft of Greene & Greene

1934: A New Deal for Artists


Modern Masters from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Modern Masters from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Accommodating Nature: The Photographs of Frank Gohlke

Graphic Masters I: Highlights from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Glass

Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams: Natural Affinities

Local Color: Washington Painting at Midcentury

Earth and Sky: Photographs by Barbara Bosworth

Aaron Douglas: African American Modernist

Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection

The Honor of Your Company Is Requested: President Lincoln's Inaugural Ball

Color as Field: American Painting, 1950–1975

Obata's Yosemite


John Alexander: A Retrospective

Over the Top: American Posters from World War I

Going West! Quilts and Community

Celebrating the Lucelia Artist Award, 2001–2006

Kindred Spirits: Asher B. Durand and the American Landscape

Earl Cunningham's America

The Prints of Sean Scully

Variations on America: Masterworks from American Art Forum Collections

Saul Steinberg: Illuminations

From the Ground Up: Renwick Craft Invitational 2007

Eadweard Muybridge: The Central American Journey


Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination

An Impressionist Sensibility: The Halff Collection

Ruth Duckworth, Modernist Sculptor

William Wegman—Funney/Strange

American ABC: Childhood in 19th-Century America

William H. Johnson's World on Paper

Passing Time: The Art of William Christenberry

Temple of Invention: History of a National Landmark

Grant Wood's Studio: Birthplace of "American Gothic"


George Catlin's Indian Gallery

Modernism in American Silver: 20th-Century Design

High Fiber


Right at Home: American Studio Furniture

Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum


Jewels & Gems

The Jewelry of Robert Ebendorf: A Retrospective of Forty Years

Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright


George Catlin and His Indian Gallery