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Luce Foundation Center for American Art

Craft: Clay: Ambitious Resident from the Blue Boy Set

Howard Kottler

(born Cleveland, OH 1930 -- died Seattle, WA 1989)

" . . . Howard is liable to say anything for the sake of seeing what reaction it might bring . . . He is a joy, and a source of lunacy . . ." A student of Kottler's quoted in Howard Kottler: Face to Face, 1995

Howard Kottler received his master's from Cranbrook Academy and his doctoral degree from Ohio State. His humorous art draws upon Dada, art deco, pop and cubism. In his later years Kottler began to produce pieces that focused on the relationships between dogs and their owners. He was an influential teacher at the University of Washington from 1964 until 1989 when he died of lung cancer, which may have resulted from his exposure to toxic materials.