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Luce Foundation Center for American Art

Sculpture: 21st Century: An American Puzzle
Lloyd G. Schermer

Lloyd G. Schermer

(born St. Louis, MO 1927)

“I warn my customers that they are dealing with two diminishing resources---antique wood type and me.”  Artist’s statement, 2006

Lloyd Schermer received graduate degrees from Amherst College and Harvard. He worked in publishing and led a company that produced forty-five daily newspapers in eighteen states. Schermer serves on the board of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, is a trustee of  the World Wildlife Fund, and a strong supporter of the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Schermer began his career as an artist in 1993, and has received the Joseph Henry Medal from the Smithsonian Institution and an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Iowa Arts Council. His works appear in the collections of institutions and corporations across the United States, including the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada, the New York Times in Manhattan, and the Freedom Museum of the McCormick Foundation in Chicago.

Image Credits: Courtesy Lloyd Schermer.