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Luce Foundation Center for American Art

Sculpture: 20th century: Georgia Stele
Jesús Moroles

Jesús Moroles

(born Corpus Christi, TX 1950 -- died 2015 Jarrell, TX)

Meet Jesús Moroles 17.9MB

"I like to work and direct a lot of people---in another era I could've been a pharaoh." Jesús Moroles, quoted in Adlmann, Moroles, 2003

As a college student in North Texas, Jesús Moroles tried to carve granite with a hammer and chisel. After only thirty minutes, he recalls, "The stone took me over. It was so hard it barely showed what I had done to it . . . It controlled me. I fell in love with it." He began sculpting exclusively in granite, using a diamond-edged electrical saw capable of "tearing" the stone. Moroles went on to establish one of the largest stone-carving workshops in the country, which he runs with the help of his father, brother, and sister. In 2001, Moroles began to strike his sculptures, sometimes with batons, sometimes with his hands or his feet, creating a type of music one audience member called "an unearthly composition . . . that recalled the effect of the . . . Orient" (Adlmann, Moroles, 2003).