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30-Day Outdoor Sculpture Instagram Challenge

July 2014

Instagram Challenge List

How to Participate

  1. Download the daily challenge list. Pick your favorites or try them all!
  2. If needed, locate works near you by searching for the name of a city and/or state in our database of artworks, Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!).
  3. Take your snapshot or selfie, and caption it with the answer to this question, "How does this sculpture make you feel?"
  4. Post your photo & caption to Instagram under #SculptureChallenge tagging @AmericanArtMuseum and @RestlessCollective.
  5. Look for your entry to be regrammed or among the best submissions on Restless Collective’s Summer of Sculpture Tumblr.

Throughout July 2014, we partnered with Restless Collective, a multimedia group specializing in travel and adventure storytelling, to raise awareness and appreciation for public, outdoor sculpture across the country. We invited you to explore and interact with the alfresco art around you—whether you discovering your neighborhood or a new area while on summer vacation.

We asked you to take a snapshot or selfie with an outdoor sculpture that meets the criteria for each day of the challenge, using the challenge list below or by downloading a copy. Outdoor sculpture is more common than you might think, and we encouraged you to use our database of artworks, Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!), to find works suitable for the challenge in your area. Just enter the name of a city and/or state in the search box under "Modify Your Search" (Tip: state names must be spelled out; no abbreviations).

Submissions were posted to the hashtag #SculptureChallenge and tagged with @AmericanArtMuseum and @RestlessCollective as you uploaded your shots to Instagram.

While you were out capturing images of yourself with art, Restless Collective co-founders Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow photographed and interviewed people about outdoor sculpture from the SOS! database. Their journey can be see on their Summer of Sculpture Tumblr.

Restless Collective

Restless Collective

On the last day of the challenge Morrigan and Alan from Restless Collective came to the at the American Art Museum on July 31, 2014. They shared stories about their travels in the Kogod Courtyard from 12-4pm, and then at 4pm led an Instagram Walkabout through the Museum’s neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

We hope you had a blast fulfilling this challenge. We loved seeing your creative submissions!

Daily Challenge List:

July 1 - Any sculpture, your choice
July 2 - Sculpture made of metal
July 3 - Sculpture in the shade for National Stay Out of the Sun Day
July 4 - Americana-themed sculpture for Independence Day
July 5 - Sculpture at sunrise
July 6 - Pretend to kiss a sculpture for International Kissing Day
July 7 - Sculpture of an animal
July 8 - Sculpture at noon
July 9 - Equestrian sculpture
July 10 - Mimic a sculpture
July 11 - Profile of a sculpture
July 12 - Sculpture with the full moon
July 13 - Sculpture in a fountain
July 14 - French themed sculpture for Bastille Day
July 15 - Sculpture on a building
July 16 - Sculpture from behind
July 17 - Sculpture in a park
July 18 - Sculpture of a dog for the Dog Days of Summer
July 19 - Sculpture that’s part of a war memorial
July 20 - Sculpture at midnight
July 21 - Sculpture in front of a museum
July 22 - Abstract sculpture
July 23 - Sculpture at sunset
July 24 - Flying-themed sculpture for Amelia Earhart Day
July 25 - Your foot and a sculpture
July 26 - Dance-themed sculpture for National Dance Day
July 27 - Family-themed sculpture for Parents’ Day
July 28 - Sculpture made of stone
July 29 - Sculpture photographed at an odd angle
July 30 - Sculpture with you and a friend for International Friendship Day

BONUS - July 31 - Sculpture at the Smithsonian American Art Museum