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#ArtBirds Social Media Scavenger Hunt
September & October 2014

How many will you spot?

Just as birdwatching sharpens our senses to the natural world around us, the purpose of this online scavenger hunt is to become more aware of how artists use bird imagery. Taking inspiration from the upcoming exhibition The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art, join a conversation about how artists explore our relationship with birds in nature, science, history, and culture.

How to participate

Each week will have a different theme. “Art birdwatchers” will submit photos or links to images of artworks that include representation of a bird using the hashtag #ArtBirds on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

THEMES: Announced each Sunday

Week 1(Sept 1-6) - Pigeons & doves
Week 2 (Sept 7-13) - Fantastic feathers
Week 3 (Sept 14-20) - Birds & people
Week 4 (Sept 21-27) - Birds of prey
Week 5 (Sept 28-Oct 4) - Flightless birds
Week 6 (Oct 5-11) - Endangered or extinct birds
Week 7 (Oct 12-18) - Nests & eggs
Week 8 (Oct 19-25) - Abstract birds



  1. Entries must include the hashtag #ArtBirds. Please include your questions or comments—we’d love to have a group chat about the art and your sightings!
  2. Entries may consist of works of art from a museum collection, public art, or any other artworks. Artist may be of any era, nationality, or background. The works may be found online or photographed in person, by the participant. Please take care to respect the rights of artists as well as museums’ photography policies when photographing artwork.
  3. The deadline for each week’s submissions is Saturday at midnight Pacific Standard Time (12:00 a.m. PST).

At the end of each week, the museum will post a roundup of selected entries on the museum’s Tumblr and other social media accounts, highlighting some of the most noteworthy and creative submissions and conversations. Stay tuned to see if we feature you and your discovery! We will then announce the coming week’s theme. Happy ArtBirding!