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Museum Podcasts – Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

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Painting Shadow Artis by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell, Shadow Artist, 1920, oil on canvas, Collection of George Lucas

The following eight episodes are narrated by curator Virginia Mechlenburg with commentary by collectors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for the 2010 exhibition Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell.

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  • Who is Norman Rockwell?

    Introduction to the exhibition and Rockwell's career; George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on why they collect Rockwell's work.

  • Imagination

    Rockwell's connections with filmmaking, and the appeal of Rockwell's views of imagination, childhood, and entertainment to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

  • Rockwell and Hollywood

    Rockwell's reactions to Hollywood; George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on parallels between Rockwell and 1930s movies.

  • Honor, Patriotism

    Rockwell's iconic images of famous and everyday American heroes. Steven Spielberg with a personal story about being a Boy Scout.

  • Ordinary Heroes

    Rockwell's use of non-professional,"ordinary" models to tell stories of heroic moments in everyday life. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on links with Frank Capra films and on Rockwell telling a story in one frame.

  • Growing Up/Growing Old

    Rockwell's picture stories of youth and old age. George Lucas's and Steven Spielberg's personal attachments to some of these images.

  • American Life

    Humor and drama in Rockwell's views of American life, as well as the way he came to view himself.

  • The End of an Era

    Changing times in America in the 1960s and changes for Rockwell. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg with some concluding thoughts.