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Luce Foundation Center Audio Tour

Listen to a tour of the Luce Foundation Center here, get the podcast from iTunes, or call it from your phone at +1 202 595 1852 plus the object code from the list below (normal calling rates apply). Also from your phone, you can leave comments and get information on artworks by text message.
In the Luce Center, you can borrow a free MP3 player to take the tour, available daily until 6 p.m.

Click on the Tabs to select a floor.
Then click on the map to see the list of commentaries for each area.


Sculpture (19th-20th Century)

Case Stop Artist Title
DCR 162 David Beck Movie Palace
third floor 114 Jack Feeley Jack
third floor 121 Miriam Schapiro Dollhouse
third floor 315 Miriam Schapiro Dollhouse
third floor 195 Lloyd G. Schermer An American Puzzle
third floor 455 Selma Burke (Untitled) Woman and Child
third floor 456 Richard Hunt The greatest obstacle to being heroic is the doubt..."









18th - 20th Century Painting

Case Stop Artist Title
1b 101 Jacob Eichholtz James Buchanan
2a 113 Thomas Hovenden Portrait of Frank Hamilton Cushing
3a 146 George Catlin Kee-o-kúk, The Watchful Fox, Chief of the Tribe
3b 185 Asher B. Durand Georgianna Frances Adams
3b 304 Joshua Johnson Portrait of Adelia Ellender
4b 104 Studio of Benjamin West Mary Hopkinson
5a 173 George Cochran Lambdin Autumn Sunshine
5b 123 Unidentified Artist Portrait of Rubens' Wife
5b 313 Unidentified Artist The Doctor's Visit
6a 159 Thomas Wilmer Dewing Portrait of Frances C. Houston
6a 601 Thomas Wilmer Dewing Portrait of a Lady
6b 135 Albert Pinkham Ryder Passing Song
6b 409 Albert Pinkham Ryder Passing Song
6b 308 Louis M. Eilshemius The Three Girls and River
6b 602 Ralph Albert Blakelock Moonrise
7a 142 John Vanderlyn The Landing of Columbus
7b 603 Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson Une Martyre (St. Thechla)
8a 179 Kenyon Cox Study for Mural for Appellate Court Building, New York: “Statute Law,” Helmet for Figure of “Force”
8b 119 Abbott Handerson Thayer A Bride
9a 129 Abbott Handerson Thayer Portrait of a Lady (Mrs. William B. Cabot)
9a 610 Alice Pike Barney The Necklace
9b 165 Henry Ossawa Tanner Salome
9b 604 Henry Ossawa Tanner Mary
10a 605 Henry Ossawa Tanner Portrait of the Artist's Wife
10b 170 Miner Kilbourne Kellogg Ruins of Asrum Asia Minor: Explored with Layard (Sir Henry Layard)
12a 196 William Bradford Whaler off the Vineyard—Outward Bound
12b 154 Joseph Henry Sharp The Voice of the Great Spirit
13a 176 Johann Hermann Carmiencke Hudson River at Cold Spring
13b 152 Thomas Moran Cliffs of the Upper Colorado River, Wyoming Territory
13b 606 George Inness Georgia Pines
14a 118 Jasper Francis Cropsey Catskill Creek
14a 607 Kenyon Cox Lengthening Shadows
14b 109 John F. Peto Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn
14b 608 Unidentified Erie Railroad
15a 139 Elizabeth Nourse Fisher Girl of Picardy
15b 127 Thomas J. Scott Portrait of Lexington


Folk Art

Case Stop Artist Title
3b 304 Joshua Johnson Portrait of Adelia Ellender
22a 107 John William "Uncle Jack" Dey Acupuncture Pitchfork Style
22b 125 Alexander Bogardy Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
23b 144 Simon Sparrow Assemblage with Found Objects
23b 319 Mose Tolliver Self Portrait
23b 355 Alexander Maldonado Waterfront at Night
23b 358 Rex Clawson Mr. and Mrs. America
24a 150 Jon Serl 2 Dogs--3 BANDSMEN
24b 137 Herbert Singleton Glad You Dead You Rascal You
25a 190 James Leonard Wind Machine with Gabriel, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Louis Armstrong
25b 182 Nicholas Herrera Protect and Serve
25b 612 Gregorio Marzan Statue of Liberty
26a 122 Unidentified artist Eletrical Tattooing
26b 141 Tom Yazzie Yeibichai Dancers with Medicine Man and Patient
27a 178 Mr. Imagination Portrait Head Paintbrush Tree
27a 364 "Prophet" Royal Robertson Altar Piece
27b 197 O. L. "Geech" Samuels Dog
28b 111 Christine McHorse Wolves Courting at Full Moon


18th-20th Century Sculpture

Case Stop Artist Title
16a 148 John Rogers The Council of War
17a 110 William Henry Rinehart Harriet Lane Johnston
17b 157 Hiram Powers James Gibson Powers
17b 417 Hiram Powers Antiss Derby Rogers Wetmore
18a 102 Hiram Powers Eve Tempted
19b 115 Edmonia Lewis Old Arrow Maker
20a 120 Frederick MacMonnies Rip Van Winkle
20b 168 William Couper Benjamin Franklin
21a 191 Herbert Adams Joseph Henry
21b 172 Caban Group Los Reyes Magos
21b 305 Santiago Master of "La Merced"







Portrait Miniatures (Case 16)

Case Stop Artist Title
16b 161 Alexandrina Robertson Harris Amelia Earhart
Case 16b, Drawer 17b 351 Eliza Osgood Peabody, Age 6 Unidentified Artist

















20th Century Painting

Case Stop Artist Title
29a 134 J. Bond Francisco The Sick Child
30a 189 John Henry Twachtman Hemlock Pool
31a 105 William H. Johnson The Breakdown
32a 193 William H. Johnson Marian Anderson
32b 164 Elbridge Ayer Burbank Geronimo
33a 130 Ernest L. Blumenschein Picuris Mountain (Near Taos)
33b 108 B. J. O. Nordfeldt Christ Walking on Water
34a 140 Romaine Brooks La France Croisée
34b 174 Roger Medearis Godly Susan
35a 186 George Bellows Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wase
35b 155 William Gropper Construction of the Dam (study for mural, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.)
36a 199 Rockwell Kent Mail Service in the Tropics (mural study, U.S. Post Office Department, Washington, D.C.),
36b 160 Norman Rockwell Homecoming
36b 365 Xavier J. Barile 42nd St. Nocturne
37a 151 Honoré Sharrer Tribute to the American Working People
39a 177 Helen Lundeberg Double Portrait of the Artist in Time
39b 149 Paul Cadmus Bar Italia
40a 163 Harvey Dinnerstein Brownstone
40b 147 Gene Davis Hot Beat
41a 131 Ad Reinhardt Untitled
41b 416 László Moholy-Nagy Leuk 5
42a 180 Ben Shahn After Titian
43a 188 Jaune Quick-To-See Smith State Names
43b 198 Alma Thomas Red Abstraction
44a 153 Philip Evergood Dowager in a Wheelchair
45a 138 Wayne Thiebaud Jackpot Machine
45b 103 Edward Hopper People in the Sun
45b 194 Tony Bennett (Anthony Benedetto) Central Park
fourth floor wall 100 Frank Romero Death of Rubén Salazar
32a 354 William H. Johnson Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
33b 317 Georgia O'Keeffe Yellow Calla
34a 356 Romaine Brooks Una, Lady Troubridge
35b 352 William Gropper Construction of the Dam
36a 450 John Grabbach The Fifth Year
36b 453 Charles Pollock Look Down that Road
37a 312 Peter Blume Vegetable Dinner
37b 301 Max Arthur Cohn Bethlehem Steel Works
38b 414 George Tooker The Waiting Room
40a 452 Joseph Hirsch The Naked Man
41b 307 Byron Browne Head
43a 353 Michael Goldberg New Canaan
43b 613 Michael Dailey Scapa Evening
44a 451 Philip Evergood Dowager in a Wheelchair
45a 367 Jacob Kainen Woman with Dark Hair


Contemporary Craft

Case Stop Artist Title
52a 117 Unidentified artist Altarpiece
52b 136 Mary Scheier, Edwin Scheier Charger
53a 369 Margaret Boozer Eight Red Bowls
53a 369 Margaret Boozer Eight Red Bowls
53b 143 Margaret Boozer Eight Red Bowls
53b 366 Peter Shire Weathervane Teapot
53b 311 Wesley Anderegg Industrial Waste Teapot
54a 169 William Wilhelmi Cowboy Boots
54b 187 David Ellsworth Black Pot
55a 167 Mark Lindquist Ascending Bowl #3
55b 133 Anthony Corradetti PODS
55b 609 Kari Russell-Pool Dancing Pear Bottle
56a 128 Sidney R. Hutter Vase #65-78
56a 318 Tim Jerman Female Angler Fish with Parasitic Male
56a 410 Mark Matthews Marbles (various)
56a 412 Dominick Labino Fountain with Blue
56b 112 George Nakashima Conoid Chair
57a 106 Consuelo Jimenez Underwood Virgen de los Caminos
57a 306 Unidentified Artist Flying Geese
57a 302 Pamela Studstill Quilt #17
57a 359 Consuelo Jiménez Underwood Virgen de los Caminos
57b 126 Joyce Scott Africa
57b 457 Tina Fung Holder Necklace 48.188


20th Century Sculpture

Case Stop Artist Title
46a 166 Anthony de Francisci Henry F. Schricker
46b 175 Malvina Hoffman Katharine Cornell
46b 320 James Washington Young Queen of Ethiopia
47a 181 William Zorach Innocence (Figure of Girl - Dahlov)
47b 124 Eugenie Gershoy Homage to Audrey McMahon (Goddess of Fertility)
48a 184 Michael Lantz Man Controlling Trade (Model, Federal Trade Commission Building)
48a 611 Paul Manship End of Day
48b 171 John Bernard Flannagan Donkey
49b 156 David Smith Europa and Calf
49b 363 Alexander Calder Bracelet
50a 116 Seymour Lipton Manuscript
50a 415 Paul Rand When Men Can Freely Communicate
50b 145 Donald Judd Table Object
51a 183 Richard Serra Maquette for Tilted Arc
51a 408 Robert Hudson Maquette for Tlingit
51b 192 William Christenberry River House