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Fellows and Interns

Fellows in Residence at the
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Academic Year 2002–2003

Martin Berger, Postdoctoral Fellow, State University of New York at Buffalo
"Painting Whiteness: Race in American Visual Culture"

Jody Blake, Joshua C. Taylor Fellow, Bucknell University
"The Black Arts Movement and Cold War Politics at the Pan-African Festivals in Dakar, 1966, and Algiers, 1969"

Sarah Evans, Predoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
"Cindy Sherman's Image: Figuration, Feminism and the Avant-Garde, 1975-2000"

Susan Fillin-Yeh, Senior Fellow, Independent Scholar
"Realism and Modernity: John Sloan's Streets and Rooftops"

Mette Gieskes, Patricia and Phillip Frost Fellow, University of Texas, Austin
"The Structuralist Politics of Game and Risk in the Art of Sol LeWitt, Vito Acconci, Bruce Nauman, Simon Hantai, and Stanley Brouwn, 1960-1975"

Anne Harrell, Douglass Foundation Fellow, Independent Scholar
"The Condition of Music: Walter Pater and American Modernism, 1900-1930"

Janet Headley, Senior Fellow, Loyola College of Maryland
"Structuring Urban Space: Public Monuments in Boston, 1825-97"

Sarah Newman, Sara Roby Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
"Excavating the Urban Landscape: Space and Memory in the Paintings of George Bellows"

R. Sarah Richardson, Douglass Foundation Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center
"Recovering an American Past: Precisionist Images of Rural Vernacular Architecture, 1915-1940"

Tacey Rosolowski, James Renwick Postdoctoral Fellow in American Craft, Independent Scholar
"Articulate Touch: Creating a Critical Language of Contemporary Art Jewelry"

Michael Shreyach, Patricia and Phillip Frost Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
"The Nature of Automatism: Abstract Expressionism, Pragmatism, and the Technique of Spontaneity"

Isabel Taube, Sara Roby Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
"The Persistence of Memory: Cultural Continuity in American Paintings of Interiors, 1880-1920"

Ann Prentice Wagner, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park
"'Living on Paper': The Culture of Drawing in the Stieglitz Circle, 1903-1925"

Catherine Whalen, Predoctoral Fellow, Yale University
"Collecting/Creating Anglo-America"

Michelle Wilkinson, Postdoctoral Latino Studies Fellow, Bard College
"'Co-Workers in the Kingdom of Culture': Black and Latino Artists in U.S. Arts Movements"

Barbara Zabel, Joshua C. Taylor Fellow, Connecticut College
"The Wire Portraits of Alexander Calder"