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Fellows and Interns

Fellows in Residence at the
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Academic Year 2007–2008

David Bjelajac, Senior Fellow, George Washington University
"Mercurial Pigments: Chymistry, Color Theory, and Studio Practice in American Painting, 1720-1880"

Marie-Stephanie Delamaire, Terra Foundation for American Art Predoctoral Fellow, Columbia University
"Transatlantic Encounters: Franco-American Artistic Exchanges during the Civil War and Reconstruction Era"

Melody Barnett Deusner, Terra Foundation for American Art Predoctoral Fellow, University of Delaware
"A Network of Associations: Aesthetic Painting and its Patrons, 1870-1914"

Kate Elliott, Wyeth Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, University of Iowa
"Constructing National Identity: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Representations of First Contact"

Cynthia A. Fowler, James Renwick Postdoctoral Fellow in American Craft, Emmanuel College
"Hooked Rugs and American Modernism"

Adam Greenhalgh, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland
"Risky Business: Chance and Contingency in American Art, 1876-1907"

Caroline Hannah, James Renwick Predoctoral Fellow in American Craft, Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the History of Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture
"Between Art, Craft, and Design, Henry Varnum Poor and the Making of a Modern American Artist"

Wendy Ikemoto, Douglass Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
"Double Vision: Pendant Painting in Antebellum America"

Adrian Kohn, Patricia and Phillip Frost Predoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin
"West Coast Minimalism: Art in Southern California, Art in New York, and the Nature of Visual Perception in Modern Artistic Practice, 1958-72"

Alissa Walls Mazow, Douglass Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University
"Plantae, Animalia, Fungi: Transformations of Natural History in Contemporary American Art"

Asma Naeem, Sara Roby Predoctoral Fellow in American Realism, University of Maryland
"'The Imagery of the Ear': The Visual Culture of Sounds and Sound Technologies in America, 1848-1948"

Prudence Peiffer, Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
"Routine Extremism: Ad Reinhardt and Modern Art"

Jennifer Raab, Wyeth Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, Yale University
"Frederic Church and the Culture of Detail"

Emily Eliza Scott, Predoctoral Fellow, University of California Los Angeles
"Wasteland Aesthetics: Art and the Postindustrial Landscape, 1962-72"

Dalila Scruggs, Terra Foundation for American Art Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
"'The Love of Liberty Has Brought Us Here': The American Colonization Society and the Imaging of African-American Settlers in Liberia, West Africa"

Hélène Valance, Graduate Fellow, Université Paris VII - Denis Diderot
"The Re-Envisioning of American Landscape"

Jennifer Van Horn, Terra Foundation for American Art Predoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia
"The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America (1740-80)"

Riccardo Venturi, Terra Foundation for American Art Predoctoral Fellow, Université Paris X - Nanterre / Università dell' Aquila
"Unconscious Sources: Mark Rothko and Italian Art"

Glenn Willumson, Senior Fellow, University of Florida
"Iron Muse: Picturing the First Transcontinental Railroad"

Other Smithsonian Fellowship Appointments in American Art

Jobyl A. Boone, Predoctoral Fellow (at National Portrait Gallery), University of Delaware
"Christo and Jeanne-Claude in the United States, 1964-2005"

Johanna Burton, Predoctoral Fellow (at Archives of American Art), Princeton University
"The Content of Context: Appropriation in American Art of the 1980s"

Rowena Houghton Dasch, Predoctoral Fellow (at National Portrait Gallery), University of Texas at Austin
"'Now Exhibiting': Charles Bird King's Picture Gallery, Fashioning American Taste and Nation, 1824-61"

Dorinda Evans, Senior Fellow (at National Portrait Gallery), Emory University
"Art in Conflict: The Legacy of Gilbert Stuart "

Christine Filippone, Predoctoral Fellow (at National Air and Space Museum), Rutgers University
"Science, Space, and Utopias in the Work of Alice Aycock and Agnes Denes"

Past Years