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Fellows and Interns

Fellows in Residence at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Academic Year 2016–2017

Michele Amedei, Terra Foundation Predoctoral Fellow in American Art, Pegasus Program of the Universities of Florence, Siena, and Pisa
“American Artists at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, 1815–1850”

Sophie Barbisan, Smithsonian Postgraduate Fellowship in Conservation of Museum Collections Program, Institut National du Patrimoine
“Local Cleaning of Stained Artworks on Paper with Rigid Gels”

Meaghan Beadle, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia
“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and American Feminism, 1968–1987”

Jennifer Chuong, Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
“The Chargeable Surface: Investment, Interval, and Yield in Early America”

Margaret Innes, Patricia and Phillip Frost Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
“Signs of Labor: American Photography after Photomontage, 1926–1951”

Annika Johnson, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh
“Agency and the Confluence of Eastern Dakota and Euro-American Visual Cultures in the Upper Midwest, 1836–1912”

Patricia Johnston, Terra Foundation Senior Fellow in American Art, College of the Holy Cross
“Art and Global Knowledge in Early America”

Margarita Karasoulas, Douglass Foundation Predoctoral Fellow in American Art, University of Delaware
“Mapping Immigrant New York: Race and Place in Ashcan Visual Culture”

R. Tess Korobkin, Predoctoral Fellow, Yale University
“Sculptural Bodies of the Great Depression”

Laurette McCarthy, George Gurney Senior Fellow, Independent Scholar
“Anarchists, Mormons, Blue Bloods, and the Armory Show: Sculpting America”

Christina Michelon, CIC–Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota
“Interior Impressions: Printed Material in the Nineteenth-Century American Home”

Paula Murphy, Terra Foundation Senior Fellow in American Art, University College Dublin, Emerita
“American Sculpture: The Irish-American Contribution in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”

Kayleigh Perkov, William H. Truettner Predoctoral Fellow, University of California, Irvine
“Giving Form to Feedback: Craft and Technology circa 1968–1974”

Corey Piper, Wyeth Foundation Predoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia
“Animal Pursuits: Hunting and the Visual Arts in Nineteenth-Century America”

William Pressly, Senior Fellow, University of Maryland, Emeritus
“America's Paper Money: A Canvas for an Emerging Nation”

Freddy Rodríguez, Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow
“Gold: The Good, the Bad and the Mysterious”

James Rosenow, Predoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago
“‘For God's Sake Don't Call It Art’: The 1930s American Laboratory and Its Film Experiments”

Anne Schaffer, Samuel H. Kress Conservation Fellow, Buffalo State College
“Study and Treatment of Painted Surfaces by Folk and Self-Taught Artists in SAAM's Collection”

Emily Thames, Joe and Wanda Corn Predoctoral Fellow, Florida State University
“The Life and Art of José Campeche: Enlightenment, Reform, and Identity in Late Eighteenth-Century Puerto Rico”

Sajda van der Leeuw, Terra Foundation Predoctoral Fellow in American Art, University of Oxford
“Earth in Focus: The Origins of Land Art through the Lens of Photography and Film”

Hannah Yohalem, Predoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
“The Device: Objects, Bodies, and Words in Motion in Jasper Johns's Art, 1954–1968”

Visiting Scholars at SAAM

Chiara Fabi, Short-Term Visiting Scholar, City Council of Milan
“American Sculptors in Italy, 1911–1949”

Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez, Short-Term Visiting Scholar, Saint Louis University of Madrid
“Competing Hegemonies during the Cold War: Las Bienales Interamericanas de Pintura y Grabado in Mexico, 1958 and 1960”

Jochen Wierich, Short-Term Visiting Scholar, Independent Scholar
“Artist Ethnographers: George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, and the Choctaw Removal”

Other Smithsonian Appointments in American Art

Amanda Josefina Guzman, Predoctoral Fellow (joint with National Museum of American History), University of California, Berkeley
“Reassembling Puerto Rican Object Narratives: The Vidal Collection at the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian American Art Museum”

Levi Prombaum, Predoctoral Fellow (at the National Portrait Gallery), University College London
“Portraits of James Baldwin, 1945-1965: Blackness and Other Queer Matters of Visibility in Light of Beauford Delaney, Carl Van Vechten and Richard Avedon”

Jennifer Sichel, Predoctoral Fellow (at the Archives of American Art), University of Chicago
“Criticism without Authority: Gene Swenson, Jill Johnston, Gregory Battcock”