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Lectures and Symposia

A Long and Tumultuous Relationship

East-West Interchanges in American Art
October 1—2, 2009

Lecture Webcasts

Thursday, October 1


Elizabeth Broun, The Margaret and Terry Stent Director, American Art Museum. Welcome.


Alexandra Munroe, senior curator of Asian Art, Guggenheim Museum
"Reflections on The Third Mind: Topics for Intellectual Inquiry"


Partha Mitter, emeritus professor of art history, University of Sussex
"India and America: Mutual Perceptions in the Contact Zone"


J. M. Mancini, lecturer, National University of Ireland Maynooth
"Destructive Creation: Instrumental Aesthetics and Geopolitical Relations in the American-Occupied Philippines"


Ding Ning, professor of art history and theory, Peking University, Beijing
"Tropes and Achievements: Some Cases of the Mutual Chinese-American Influence in Art"


Eunyoung Cho, associate professor of art history, Wonkwang University, Iksan, South Korea
"Teaching American Art in East Asia"


Bert Winther-Tamaki, associate professor of art history, University of California, Irvine
"Japanese Referentiality in Mid-Twentieth-Century Japanese American Painting"


Jacquelynn Baas, emeritus director, University of California Berkeley Art Museum
"Before Zen: The Nothing of American Dada"


Discussion moderated by Anthony Lee, associate professor of art history, Mount Holyoke College


Friday, October 2


Welcome, Franklin Odo, director, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program - Patricia Johnston, professor of art history, Salem State College
"Global Knowledge in the Early Republic: The Circulation and Display of Objects from the East Indies and China Trades"


Virginia Anderson, Diane and Michael Maher Assistant Curator of American Art, Fogg Museum, Harvard Art Museum
"'A Semi-Chinese Picture': The Encounter of American Painter Hubert Vos and the Empress Dowager of China"


Nicole Fabricand-Person, Japanese Art Specialist, Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University
"Between Two Worlds: The Influence of Images of Racial Stereotyping on Japanese Art and Culture in the Late Nineteenth Century"


John P. Bowles, assistant professor of African-American art, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"New Negro on the Pacific Rim: Sargent Johnson's Afro-Asian Sculptures"


Gordon H. Chang, professor of American history, Stanford University
"Chinese Painting Comes to America: Zhang Shuqi and the Diplomacy of Art"


Discussion moderated by Lee Glazer, associate curator of American art, Freer/Sackler Galleries


Jenni Sorkin, Ph.D. candidate, History of Art Department, Yale University
"Zen Pottery and Avant-Garde Ideals: The Pottery Seminar at Black Mountain College, 1952"


Hiroko Ikegami, assistant professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka University
"ROCI in East: Considering Rauschenberg's Agency in China"


Jennifer Way, associate professor of art history, University of North Texas
"'Gold Mine in Southeast Asia': Russel Wright, Vietnamese Handicraft, and Transnational Consumption"


David Cateforis, professor of art history, The University of Kansas
"From Forest of Stone Steles to Neon Calligraphy: Cultural Transference and Creative Misunderstanding in the Recent Art of Wenda Gu"


Discussion with the afternoon lecturers, moderated by Cynthia Mills, historian, American Art Museum.


Closing discussion moderated by Bert Winther-Tamaki, associate professor of art history, University of California, Irvine