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Meet the Social Media Team

The Smithsonian American Art Museum is active on a range of social networks; for a list, see Social Media @ American Art. We would love to connect with you!


artwork by William Edmondson

Bridget manages the Luce Foundation Center where she coordinates artwork replacement, staffing, and programs. She also contributes to the museum’s blog, Eye Level, writing mainly about her love of folk art. In her free time, Bridget visits the pandas at the Zoo, reads fashion blogs, and attempts to bake the most perfect loaf of bread ever.


Artwork by Hans Hofmann

Amelia is a program assistant in the Luce Foundation Center, where she coordinates Luce Unplugged, gives tours, and researches and writes about artwork. She enjoys using social media to share the American Art experience with those who do not get to spend their workday with the museum’s collection. If she is not in the Luce Center, you can find Amelia on her yoga mat, at a concert, or in another museum.


artwork by Harry Bertoia

Sara is obsessed with the Internet, and loves the casual conversations and creative sharing that can happen over social media between museum visitors, staff, and art-lovers around the globe. When not buried under a pile of computers and mobile devices in the Media and Technology Office at the museum, she enjoys exploring Washington, D.C. by bike.



PaikBot is part of the Nam June Paik Archive and was in the 2013 exhibition Nam June Paik: Global Visionary. Currently installed in the Luce Foundation Center, he has a unique view of all our behind-the-scenes activities and is endlessly curious about Paik, video art, and other robots. He tweets about his experiences using the handle @PaikBot, where he enjoys answering questions from visitors, too.


Vesuvius and Pompeii

Interns in the Media and Technology Office and the Luce Foundation Center for American Art assist with a variety of web and social media activities, including creating content for the Luce Center Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.