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Li'l Sis and Uncle Willie

Gwen Everett

32 pp.: ill. (30 color)
ISBN: ISBN 0-8476-1462-9

Hardcover, $13.95 $9.95

Through the eyes of almost-six-year-old Li'l Sis, the colorful story of Uncle Willie unfolds, a story that changes forever a little girl's perceptions of art and the world around her. The book is based on the life of African American artist William H. Johnson (1901–1970) and illustrated with his paintings.

Reviews in Brief

"Li'l Sis and Uncle Willie is an unusually fine book for both children and adults because Ms. Everett not only presents Johnson's art and his life story, but she also unobtrusively sets out important aspects of African American culture and history. … A splendid book." — Valerie J. Mercer, New York Times Book Review

"Author Gwen Everett … has seamlessly woven fact, fiction and a body of stunning artwork into this striking biography." — Susan Faust, Examiner & Chronicle, San Francisco