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Highlights of American Art

Wedding Cake Basket

John Singleton Copley Mrs. George Watson

American art tells the story of America. What we create as a culture illuminates our people and our history. Early American portraits tell the story of those who created a new nation, while landscapes reveal changing tastes as our country expanded westward. Civil war-era images reveal the angst of a nation divided, which gilded age riches and American Impressionism reflect the tastes of a culture moving towards industrialization and a changing economy. Modernism and abstraction give way to art that addresses contemporary concerns and experiments with technology. Sample the richness of our collection from 18th century painting to contemporary sculpture. This engaging discussion may include artists such as John Singleton Copley, John Singer Sargent, Childe Hassam, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Thomas Hart Benton, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Georgia O'Keeffe, Willen deKooning, Joan Mitchell, and many others whose work depicts the American spirit.