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Babcock, Jabez K.
Babcock, Jo
Baber, Alice
Babis, Lawrence
Baca, Judith F.

Judith Baca is a Chicana artist, professor, arts administrator, community leader, and social and cultural activist. She was the founder ad artistic director of the Social and Public Arts Resource Center in Venice, California.

Bacener, Pío Casimiro
Bacerra, Ralph

Born in Garden Grove, California, Ralph Bacerra earned a B.A. degree in 1961 at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, where he studied with Vivika Heino, whom he later succeeded as chairman of the ceramics department.

Bache, Martha Moffett
Bache, William
Bacher, Otto H.
Bachet, Clayton J.
Bachofen, Max
Backhuysen, Ludolf
Backstrand, Jay
Bacon, Frederick
Bacon, Henry

Growing up in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Bacon witnessed first-hand the changes wrought by industrialization and urbanization on the New England landscape. First settled in 1640, Haverhill was one of the oldest towns in the Commonwealth.

Bacon, Peggy

Painter, portrait painter, caricaturist, illustrator, lithographer, writer, art educator. Peggy Bacon studied with John Sloan and Kenneth Hayes Miller.

Badami, Andrea

Although his talent was evident in childhood drawings, circumstances prevented Andrea Badami from pursuing his artistic inclinations until later in life.

Bader, Franz
Baeder, John
Baer, Howard
Baer, William Jacob
Báez, Myrna
Bagdatopoulos, William
Bail, Joseph
Bailey, Carroll N.
Bailey, Clayton
Bailey, Robert L.
Bailey, William
Bailly, Joseph Alexis
Baizerman, Saul

Saul Baizerman was awarded a scholarship to the Imperial Art School in Odessa on the strength of his first work in clay. In 1910 he immigrated to the United States, locating briefly in Boston before settling permanently in New York City.

Baker, Bryant

Bryant Baker studied in London at the City and Guild Technical Institute and the Royal Academy of Arts. His decorative carvings and sculpture were installed at Westminster Abbey and other cathedrals.

Baker, Ernest Hamlin
Baker, Lamar
Baker, Lynn