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Cabrera, Margarita
Cacciatore, Emanuele
Cadman, Andy
Cadmus, Paul

Cadmus entered the school of the National Academy of Design at fifteen with the encouragement of his parents, both of whom were artists. In 1928 he began working as an illustrator for a New York advertising agency and took life-drawing classes at the Art Students League.

Caffery, Debbie Fleming
Caffieri, Jean Jacques
Cage, John
Cahn, Elinor
Cail, Dean
Calbet, Antoine
Calcagno, Lawrence
Calder, A. Stirling

Sculptor who received numerous commissions, including the Depew Fountain (1915) in Indianapolis, Ind., The Swann Memorial Fountain in Philadelphia, Pa. (1924) and Leif Ericson (1932) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Calder, Alexander

Alexander Calder was born in Philadelphia in 1898, the son of the distinguished academic sculptor A. Stirling Calder. Trained as a mechanical engineer, he turned to art, attending the Art Students League in New York City.

Caldwell, Colby
Calewaert, Louis H. S.
Calfee, William H.
Caliga, Isaac Henry
Calkins, David
Callahan, Harry
Callahan, Kenneth
Callaway, Cashion
Callender, Bessie Stough

Born and raised on a farm near Wichita, Kansas, where she developed a fondness for animals, Bessie [Callender] married a newspaper reporter, Harold Callender, and moved to New York City in the early 1920s.

Calzada, Humberto
Cambiaso, L.
Cameron, John
Camfri, G.
Camnitzer, Luis
Campbell-Amsler, Jo
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Fred
Campbell, Jim
Campbell, Kenneth

An abstract painter with ties to Constructivism, Campbell turned to sculpture at age forty-one.

Campbell, William H.
Campeche y Jordán, José

José Campeche was the most significant Puerto Rican painter of portraits and religious imagery. Of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, he was the son of a slave who purchased his freedom.

Camplis, Francisco X
Campos-Pons, María Magdalena