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Eagerton, Robert
Eagle, Arnold
Eakins, Thomas

Thomas Eakins shared his era's fascination with the individual human being—with his or her capacity for intellectual achievement, psychological intricacy, and vulnerability to the ravages of nature. Yet among painters of his time Eakins was unusual in that he expressed this interest directly.

Eames, Charles
Eames, Ray
Earl, Jack

In the mid-1960s Jack Earl was introduced to the world of European figurative ceramics through illustrated books in the Toledo Museum of Art's library.

Earl, James
Earl, Ralph

Born 1751, Worcester County, Mass. Family moved to Leicester, Mass., where he grew up. Art study unknown. 1774, established studio in New Haven, Conn. Married Sarah Gates, later divorced. A loyalist, he left Connecticut 1777, arrived in London, April 1778.

Earl, Ralph Eleaser Whiteside
Earley, Mary
East, Pattie Richardson
Eastlake, Charles Lock
Eastman, Emily
Easton, Cora
Eaton, Charles Warren
Eaton, Moses Jr.
Eaton, Wyatt
Ebendorf, Robert

Robert Ebendorf is a master jewelry maker in America today. His work is famed for his imaginative combining of disparate materials. In this neckpiece, [Necklace, SAAM, 1984.53] Ebendorf marries gold, silver, ebony, and amber in a colorful display.

Eber, Linda
Eberle, Abastenia St. Léger
Eberle, Edward
Ebert, Charles H.
Ebner, David
Eby, Kerr
Echelman, Janet
Echena, José
Eckel, Julia
Ecker, Robert
Eckerstrom, Ralph E.
Eckert, Carol
Eckhardt, Barbara
Eckhardt, Edris
Eckmair, Frank C.
Eckstein, Ruth
Eddy, Don
Eddy, Oliver Tarbell