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Fabe, Robert
Faber, Eugene James
Fabry, Alois
Facklam, Maximilian Rainer
Faed, Thomas
Fager, Charles
Fago, John
Fahlstrom, Brian
Fahlstrom, Oyvind
Fairbanks, Richard
Fairey, Shepard
Falcone, Aniello
Falconer, John Mackie
Falkenstein, Claire

Falkenstein's major contribution to sculpture occurred in 1954, when, while working in Rome, she discovered a means of facing metal and glass.

Falls, Charles Buckles
Falter, John
Fanshell, Nora
Farinati, Paolo
Farmer, Josephus

Josephus Farmer began his public mission as an itinerant evangelical minister in St. Louis, where he received his "calling from God" in 1922.

Farnsworth, Donald
Farnsworth, Dustin
Farny, Henry F.

Painter, illustrator. Farny was attracted to Indians as a boy in Warren, Pennsylvania, his family's first residence in America after leaving France in 1853.

Farr, Charles Griffin
Farr, Dorathy
Farr, Fred
Farrell-Smith, Ka’ila
Farrell, Meegan
Farrell, Robert
Farrer, Henry
Farrer, Thomas Charles
Farris, George

George Farris was a furniture maker who was always whittling. He lived in an area between Guthrie and Carrington, Missouri, His ethnic origin is unknown. He carved wood chests and other works, often embellished with knickknacks such as fans, shoes, or old Bibles.

Farruggio, Remo
Fasanella, Ralph

Ralph Fasanella celebrated the common man and tackled complex issues of postwar America in colorful, socially-minded paintings. Fasanella was born in the Bronx and grew up in the working-class neighborhoods of New York.

Fasano, Clara
Fast, Ralph
Faulkner, Frank