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Gablik, Suzi

Gablik, who has lived in London for almost twenty years, is a writer, critic, teacher, and lecturer as well as a collage artist. She received a B.A. from Hunter College, where she studied with Robert Motherwell, and worked briefly at Black Mountain College in the early 1950s.

Gabrini, Pietro
Gaby, Nina
Gaertner, Carl
Gaertner, Otto
Gaethke, George
Gág, Wanda

Wanda Gag was the daughter of German immigrants engaged in the arts—her father was a painter, her mother a photographer. As a result, she was immersed in art during her childhood, which led her to attend art schools in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Gage, Jean C.
Gagliani, Oliver
Gahman, Floyd
Gainsborough, Thomas
Gale, Jeffrey
Galgiani, Oscar
Gallagher, Michael J.
Gallagher, Sears
Gallatin, Albert Eugene

Painter, writer, patron, founder of the Gallery of Living Art at New York University, Albert Gallatin's contributions to abstract art in New York took many forms. Trained as a lawyer, Gallatin never practiced. Instead he concentrated his energies on collecting and writing about art.

Gallé, Emile
Gallo, Frank

Gallo graduated from the University of Toledo and received his M.F.A. from the State University of Iowa. During the mid 1950s he studied further at Cranbrook Academy and worked with printmaker Mauricio Lasansky.

Galloway, Julia
Galmer, Michael Izrael
Galos, Ben
Gamboa, Harry Jr.
Games, Abram
Gamza, Steve
Gandert, Miguel A.
Gangler, Tod E.
Ganso, Emil
Gantner, Maurice
Garamond, Jacques Nathan
Garbe, William
Garber, Daniel

Daniel Garber, one of the most interesting and original of the late American impressionists, was born in North Manchester, Indiana, the youngest son of a Mennonite family.

Garber, Kevin
Garcia, Art
garcía, iliana emilia
Garcia, L.
García, Rupert

Rupert García came from a family active in the creation and instruction of folk arts and traditions. After completing his service in the U.S. Air Force in Indochina, García attended the San Francisco School for the Arts on the G.I. Bill.