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H., B.
Haacke, Hans
Haanen, Remy van
Haas, Elsie Eberhardt
Haas, H. P.
Haas, Hildegarde
Haas, Richard
Haass, Terry
Haber-Schaim, Shlomith
Haberer, C. Winston
Haberle, John
Habermann, Franz Xaver
Habersham, Mary
Hack, Howard

At age eighteen Hack moved to San Francisco where he became closely allied with the Bay Area Figuration movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Hackert, Jacob Philippe
Hackett, Terry Kennedy
Hadzi, Dimitri
Hafner, Dorothy
Hagedorn, Edward
Hager, Lee
Hagerman, Kent
Hagman, Jack
Hahn, J.
Hahn, Judith S.
Haidt, John Valentine

John Valentine Haidt was born in Germany and began his artistic career when forty-five or forty-six years of age in the Moravian community of Herrnhaag. His father, a goldsmith, taught him this trade, though the boy wanted to become a minister.

Haines, Richard
Halasey, Joe
Halberstadt, Ernst
Hale, Ellen Day

Born February 11, 1855, in Worcester, Mass., the daughter of the Rev. Edward Everett Hale. In Boston, 1873–78. Studied with William Rimmer, 1873, and with William Morris Hunt and Helen Knowlton, 1874–77. In Philadelphia, 1878-79.

Hale, Kenneth J.
Hale, Lilian Westcott
Hale, Nathan Cabot

Hale was educated at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and the Art Students League during the 1940s. He returned to formal studies in the 1970s and received a Ph.D. in morphology and perceptual psychology from Union Graduate School.

Hale, Robert
Halegua, Alfredo
Halem, Henry