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Ichikawa, Tazuko
Igarta, Venancio
Ikeda, Masuo
Ikegawa, Shiro
Iler, Walter
Iligan, Ralph
Illman, Philip
Imboden, Connie
Indiana, Robert
Indoni, Filippo
Ingalls, Walter
Ingham, Charles Cromwell
Ingram, Jerry

Born in Battiest, Oklahoma, part of the Choctaw nation, Jerry Ingram attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, New Mexico, before receiving a B.A. degree from Oklahoma State Technical Institute in 1966.

Injalbert, Antoine
Inman, Henry
Inman, John O'Brien
Inness, George

George Inness was born in New York City and grew up on a farm in Newark, New Jersey. His minimal art training consisted of time spent with an itinerant artist, John Jesse Barker (who had studied with Thomas Sully), and a year's apprenticeship to a map engraver.

Inness, George Jr.
Inokuma, Genichiro
Insley, Will
Iooss, Walter
Ipcar, Dahlov
Ipsen, Ernest L.
Ipsen, Kent
Ireland, Patrick
Irick, Chris
Irizarry, Carlos
Irons, Greg
Irvin, Virginia Hendrickson
Irwin, Lani
Irwin, Robert
Isaacs, Charles
Isabey, Eugène
Isabey, Jean Baptiste