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L'Evêque, Henri
L'hermitte, Léon Augustin
Thumbnail La Farge, John

John LaFarge was born in New York City, the son of prosperous French emigres, his father having been a refugee from the ill-fated Napoleonic expedition to San Domingo. LaFarge began drawing at an early age, had intermittent instruction, and graduated from the Roman Catholic Mount St.

La Farge, Mabel Hooper
La Farge, Thomas
La Faye, Christopher
La Lyre, Adolphe
La Mantia, Paul
La More, Chet
La Rioja, D. D.
La Sonadora
Laabs, Hans
Labelle, Mario
Thumbnail Labino, Dominick
Laboulaye, Paul de
Labus, Barbara Spies
Lachaise, Gaston

Lachaise studied at the Ecole Bernard Palissy and the Académie Nationale des Beaux-Arts in his native Paris.

Lacroix de Marseille, Charles François
Ladbrooke, Robert
Ladd, Lawrence W.
Thumbnail Laessle, Albert
Laessle, Paul
Lagattuta, Bill
Thumbnail Lahey, Richard
Laing, Gerald
Laing, Joseph
Laky, Gyongy
Lalanne, Maxime
Lalauze, Adolphe
Lamar, Stoney
Lamb, Katherine
Lamb, Kathleen Royster
Lamb, Mary Catherine
Lambdin, George Cochran
Thumbnail Lambdin, James Reid
Lambert, Bridget