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Nachmias, Stewart
Nachtwey, James
Nadelman, Elie

Born in Poland, worked in Paris, came to New York City in 1914. Early modernist sculptor who became widely known in Europe before moving to the United States.

Nadler, Harry
Naegele, Charles Frederick
Naess, Bob
Naess, Ragnar
Nagatani, Patrick
Nagin, Risë

Risë Nagin's rectangular fabric constructions are often called "art quilts," but they are not restricted to developments within the field of textiles alone. Instead, the appliquéd works are natural outgrowths from her prior training and ongoing interest in painting.

Nagle, Ron
Nahl, Charles Christian
Nakamizo, Fugi
Nakashima, George

"To build a small palace around here with a Japanese carpenter in the finest traditions …" is a dream George Nakashima would like to realize someday.

Nakashima, Tom
Nakazato, Hitoshi
Nakian, Reuben

Reuben Nakian was the youngest of five children of Armenian immigrants. He studied briefly at the Art Students League in New York City in 1912, but received his formal training as an apprentice to the sculptor Paul Manship and his assistant, Gaston Lachaise.

Nakian, Richard
Nalls, Gayil
Nama, George
Nampeyo, Daisy Hooee
Nampeyo, Hisi Quotskuyva
Nance, Marilyn
Nankivell, Frank A.
Nantz, Mark
Naot, J. K.
Naque, J.
Naranjo, Louis
Nargizian, Hratch
Narkiewicz, Paul
Narkowitz, Paul
Nash, Dominie
Nason, Thomas W.
Nast, Thomas
Natali-Morosow, Viktor
Nathaniel-Walker, Inez

Inez Nathaniel went north to Philadelphia during the Great Migration of the 1930s to escape the harsh realities of farm work in the rural South.

Natkiel, Lucy