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O'Brezar, Randy Joe
O'C., M.
O'Connell, George
O'Connor, Harold
O'Connor, Thom
O'Donnell, Brother George
O'Donohue, Thomas
O'Donovan, William Rudolf
O'Hara, Eliot
O'Keeffe, Georgia

Georgia O'Keeffe was born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, in 1887. During her teens and early adulthood, O'Keeffe lived in Virginia, Chicago, and New York.

O'Kelley, Mattie Lou
O'Neil, Dennis
O'Neil, Elaine
O'Neill, Rose Cecil

Rose Cecil O'Neill was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to a family that was impoverished but rich in culture, owing to the fact that her father was an impractical romantic dreamer.

O'Sullivan, Timothy H.

O'Sullivan began his photography career as an apprentice in Mathew Brady's Fulton Street gallery in New York City and then moved on to the Washington, D.C., branch managed by Alexander Gardner. In 1861, at the age of twenty-one, O'Sullivan joined Brady's team of Civil War photographers.

Oakdale, Ellyn
Oakley, George C.
Oakley, Violet
Oates, Christy
Oates, Joyce Carol
Obata, Chiura
Obering, Mary
Oberteuffer, Karl
Ochoa, Ruben
Ochtman, Leonard
Oertel, Johannes Adam Simon

Born November 3, 1823, in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany. Studied engraving in Munich with J. M. Enzing-Müller, and also studied the works of Peter Cornelius, Rudolf Schwanthaler, and Friedrich Kaulbach. Immigrated to Newark, N.J., 1848. Engraved banknotes. Taught at a school for girls.

Oestreich, Jeffrey
Officer, Thomas S.
Ogborne, John
Ogborne, Mary
Ogden, Alice
Ohara, Ken
Ojeda, Gustavo
Ojeda, Naul
Ojima, Masuo