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Tabakovic, Ivan
Taber, Isaac Walton
Taber, Isaiah West
Taboada, David
Tabor, Robert
Taccani, Silvia
Tacha, Athena
Taft, Lorado
Tagliapietra, Lino
Tait, Agnes

Agnes Tait was born in New York City in 1894. She enrolled at the National Academy of Design in 1908, leaving in 1913 after the death of her mother.

Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam
Tajiri, Shinkichi
Takaezu, Toshiko

Toshiko Takaezu studied at the University of Hawaii and at Cranbrook Academy in Michigan, where she also taught. She has been on the faculty of other institutions, including the Cleveland Institute of Art and Princeton University.

Takagi, Madoka

Born in 1956, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan. Currently lives in New York City. Recent exhibitions of Takagi's work have been held at The Midtown Y Photography Studio, New York (1987) and Simon Lowinsky Gallery, New York (1991).

Takamizawa, Tadeo
Takamori, Akio
Takayama-Ogawa, Joan
Talasnik, Stephen
Talcott, Lori
Talleur, John
Tallmadge, Thomas Eddy
Tam, Reuben
Tamayo, Rufino

Mexican painter and muralist, who was influenced by the European modernism of Henri Matisse, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso as well as pre-Columbian art and Mexican folk art.

Tamburini, Arnoldo
Tamotzu, Chuzo
Tanaka, Koji
Tanguy, Yves
Tanner, Henry Ossawa

"My effort has been to not only put the Biblical incident in the original setting … but at the same time give the human touch 'which makes the whole world kin' and which ever remains the same." —Lynda Roscoe Hartigan, Sharing Traditions: Five Black Artists in Nineteenth-Century America (Wa

Tanner, James
Tanning, Dorothea
Tansey, Mark
Tanzer, Julius
Tapia, Luis

A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Luis Tapia is a self-taught, contemporary artist.

Tapper, Jerome
Tarbell, Edmund C.

Edmund Tarbell's remarkable New Hampshire summer home is emblematic of the painter and his art.

Tarbox Beals, Jessie