Women Artists

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Cabrera, Margarita
Caffery, Debbie Fleming
Cahn, Elinor
Callaway, Cashion
Callender, Bessie Stough

Born and raised on a farm near Wichita, Kansas, where she developed a fondness for animals, Bessie [Callender] married a newspaper reporter, Harold Callender, and moved to New York City in the early 1920s.

Campbell-Amsler, Jo
Campos-Pons, María Magdalena
Candioti, Beatriz A.
Cannon, Marian
Canright, Sarah
Capron, Elizabeth W.
Caraccio, Kathy
Carden, Barbara
Cardin, Annie
Carey, Ellen
Carman, Nancy
Carpenter, Syd
Carrey, Bobbi
Carroll, Mary
Carrothers, Grace Neville
Cartwright, Virginia
Cassatt, Mary

Mary Cassatt was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The family soon settled in Philadelphia but traveled extensively through Europe during Mary's childhood. Her father was a prominent investment banker and her brother, Alexander, became president of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Cassis, Joan
Castagliola, Maria

Painter and conceptual artist. Castagliola came to the United States from Cuba in 1961. She has B.A. (sociology), B.F.A., and M.F.A.degrees from the University of South Florida in Tampa and has taught art as an assistant professor at the university.

Castegnier, Marie P.
Casterton, Eda Nemoede
Castoro, Rosemarie
Catlett, Elizabeth

"I enjoy the beauty of materials, not only the beauty of forms. I love to see the grain of the wood assert itself in its own right and become integrated in the representation.

Catsos, JoAnn Kelly
Cauley, Annie
Cavener, Beth
Cawein, Kathrin
Cell, Jennie
Celletti, Anna D.
Celmins, Vija
Cervantes, Melanie