Women Artists

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Eames, Ray
Earley, Mary
East, Pattie Richardson
Eastman, Emily
Easton, Cora
Eber, Linda
Eberle, Abastenia St. Léger
Echelman, Janet
Eckel, Julia
Eckert, Carol
Eckhardt, Barbara
Eckhardt, Edris
Eckstein, Ruth
Edelson, Mary Beth
Edwards, Ethel
Edwards, Mik
Eggert, Alicia
Eichenberg, Iris
Eikerman, Alma

Born in Pratt, Kansas, Alma Eikerman earned a B.S. degree in 1934 at Kansas State College in Emporia and an M.S. in 1942 at Columbia University. She subsequently taught jewelry design at Wichita State University in Kansas and in 1947 joined the faculty of Indiana University in Bloomington.

Eisenberg, Wendy
Eisler, Eva
Eisler, Judith
Elliott, Lillian
Ely, Bessie
Emerson, Penny
Emery, Lin
Emmet, Lydia Field
Engelhard, Elizabeth
Engron, Mae
Enterline, Sandra
Erla, Karen
Erteman, Kathy
Espinoza, Carlota D.
Ess, Barbara
Essenhigh, Inka
Evans, Minnie

"I have no imagination. I never plan a drawing, they just happen. In a dream it was shown to me what I have to do, of paintings. The whole entire horizon all the way across the whole earth was out together like this with pictures.