Women Artists

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Falkenstein, Claire

Falkenstein's major contribution to sculpture occurred in 1954, when, while working in Rome, she discovered a means of facing metal and glass.

Fanshell, Nora
Farr, Dorathy
Fasano, Clara
Faulkner, Kady B.
Fe, Sonya
Federighi, Christine
Feigin, Dorothy Dee Lubell
Feldman, Aline
Felski, Albina

Felski, who began painting in 1960, wrote: "Im very busey [sic] around the house and I work in a factory I paint in fall, winter & spring time I enjoy summers the most." In 1945 she came to Chicago from Canada and worked for twenty-seven years in an electronics factory, doing machine and assembly

Felten, Frances
Fenicchia, Concetta
Fennell, Patricia
Fernandez, Christina
Fernández, Sandra C.
Fernández, Teresita
Ferne, Hortense
Ferrara, Jackie
Ferren, Rae
Ferris, Edythe
Fine, Perle
Firestone, Susan Paul
Fisch, Arline

Arline Fisch was born in Brooklyn, New York, and received a B.S. degree in art education from Skidmore College and an M.A. from the University of Illinois.

Fish, Janet
Fisher, Elaine
Fiskin, Judy
Fitch, Barbara
Fitch, Gladys Kelley
Flack, Audrey
Fletcher, Christine B.
Fletcher, Mary
Florsheim, Lillian
Foley, Margaret
Forman, Helen
Fornance, Mary
Forrester, Patricia Tobacco