Women Artists

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MacChesney, Clara Taggart
MacDonald, Ellen
Mace, Flora C.

The first women to teach glassblowing at Pilchuk Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace met there in 1979 and began their collaboration, returning to the school each year as instructors or to work with other glass artists.

Machinist, Leslie
MacIver, Loren

In 1919, at the age of ten, MacIver attended Saturday classes at the Art Students League in New York—her only formal instruction in painting. When she was twenty-five she married poet Lloyd Frankenberg and settled in Greenwich Village.

Mackie, Lisa
MacKinnon, Esther Blaikie
Mackler, Tina
MacLane, Jean
MacNeil, Linda
Macomber, Mary L.
Madsen, Kristina W.
Magafan, Ethel
Magafan, Jenne

Born in Chicago and trained in Colorado, Jennie Magafan participated in federal art projects in the Midwest, producing The Windmill [SAAM, 1971.447.66] and several post office murals.

Magee, Gwendolyn A.
Magic Laser, Liz
Mahl, Clara
Mairs, Clara Gardner
Major, Shawne
Mallace, Maria
Mallett, Marla
Maltbie, Georgia
Mandel, Jan
Mangold, Sylvia Plimack
Mann, Katinka
Mann, Sally
Mansberger, Linda
Mansfield, Blanche McManus
Manter, Nancy
Manuel, K. Lee
Manygoats, Betty
Marangoni, Federica
Marchand, Jeannine
Marcus, Marcia
Marek, Krystyna
Margolin, Renee

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