Women Artists

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Nagin, Risë

Risë Nagin's rectangular fabric constructions are often called "art quilts," but they are not restricted to developments within the field of textiles alone. Instead, the appliquéd works are natural outgrowths from her prior training and ongoing interest in painting.

Nalls, Gayil
Nampeyo, Daisy Hooee
Nampeyo, Hisi Quotskuyva
Nance, Marilyn
Nash, Dominie
Nathaniel-Walker, Inez

Inez Nathaniel went north to Philadelphia during the Great Migration of the 1930s to escape the harsh realities of farm work in the rural South.

Natkiel, Lucy
Natzler, Gertrud

Born in Vienna, Austria, Gertrud Natzler graduated from the Vienna Handelsakademie in 1926 and later took classes in drawing, painting, and ceramics. Also born in Vienna, Otto Natzler graduated from the Bundeslehranstalt fur Textile-Industrie in 1927 and worked as a textile designer.

Naylor, Penelope
Neaman, Laurie
Neel, Alice

Alice Neel was born in Merion Square, Pennsylvania, and studied at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art) from 1921 to 1925. After living briefly in Havana, Cuba, she settled in New York City in 1927. During the 1930s she participated in the Federal Art Project.

Neely, Anne
Neijna, Barbara
Nengudi, Senga
Nesbitt, Esta
Netherwood, Joan Clark
Nettles, Bea
Neuenschwander, Ronna
Nevelson, Louise

Nevelson came to the United States as a child with her family, settling first in Rockland, Maine. At age twenty she went to New York to study voice and drama as well as painting and drawing.

Newsome, Farraday
Newton, Esther Louise Peck
Ney, Elisabet

The first woman to study at the prestigious Munich Academy, Ney began her career in her native Germany. Disillusionment with German politics brought her to a utopian community in Georgia in 1870; when it failed she and her husband settled on a plantation near Austin, Texas.

Nez, Linda

Nez's mother was a skilled weaver of traditional Navajo rugs. Though Linda had a strong interest in the craft, her job tending the family sheep and goats left her little time to learn. Undeterred, she built her own loom and taught herself to weave.

Nez, Louise
Nhat, Tran Cong Hoang
Nicholls, Rhoda Holmes
Nilausen-K, Barbara
Nilsson, Gladys

Gladys Nilsson attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the late 1950s, where she met the artists who would begin exhibiting in 1965 as a group named the Hairy Who. She married one of these artists, Jim Nutt, in 1961.

Nix, Lori
Nix, Patricia
Nixon, Cynthia
Noggle, Anne
Nooney, Ann
Norman, Da Loria
North, Kenda

Currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She is chariperson of the art department of the University of Texas at Arlington. North received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1977.