Women Artists

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Palladino, Angela
Palmer, Frances Flora Bond
Pang-Ling, Chou
Pankowski, Gina
Pappas, Marilyn
Parcher, Joan
Parmelee, Terry
Parsons, Betty
Pattee, Elsie Dodge
Patterson, Margaret Jordan
Patterson, Nancy
Paulson, Kit
Paulson, Pam
Peak, Elizabeth
Peale, Anna Claypoole
Peale, Mary Jane
Peale, Sarah Miriam
Peck, Anne Merriman
Peck, Mary

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1952. Now lives in Seattle, Washington. Her photographs were featured in "Everglades," a solo exhibtion at the Miami-Dade Community College South Campus Art Gallery (1987).

Peery, Laura
Peirce, Edith Loring
Pemberton, Hilda Mary
Pepper, Beverly
Pereira, I. Rice

More than any other member of the American Abstract Artists, Irene Rice Pereira took to heart the principles of the Bauhaus. Assessing its importance, she wrote in 1939 that the Bauhaus "exerted the greatest influence on our entire social order. . .

Peri, Eve
Perrie, Bertha E.
Perry, Lilla Cabot
Pete, Fannie
Pete, Julia
Peterdi, Joan
Pfaff, Judy
Phillips, Helen
Phillips, Maria
Pickens, Frances Jenkins
Pierce, Delilah
Pierce, Leona