Women Artists

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Waddell, Leona
Wagner, Catherine
Wahrmund, Peggy Stieler
Wainwright, Jamie Gray
Waite, Emily Burling
Waitzkin, Stella
Walch, Barbara
Walcoff, Muriel
Walcott, Mary Vaux

Mary Morris Vaux received a set of watercolor paints at age eight and began experimenting with painting flowers. After her mother's death when Mary was nineteen, she assumed the responsibility of looking after her two younger brothers and her father.

Wald, Sylvia
Walden, Dawn Nichols
Walinska, Anna
Walker, Isabella
Walker, Jessie A.
Walker, Kara
Walter, Barbara
Waltrip, Mildred
Wang, Vivian
Warashina, Patti
Waring, Laura Wheeler

Born in Connecticut, studied in Philadelphia and Paris, lived mostly in Pennsylvania. Artist, teacher whose paintings of distinguished African Americans are found in Smithsonian American Art Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the National Archives.

Warthen, Ferol Sibley
Watson, Eva Auld
Watson, Nan
Watt, Marie
Watts, Eve

Eve Watts received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Dublin, Ireland, before attending the Art Students League in New York, where she was awarded a merit scholarship, and the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.

Wax, Carol
Way, Andrea
Wayne, June
Weaver, Anna K.

Like the intricate designs of mid-nineteenth-century cross-stiched embroidery samplers, Weaver's photograms—unique images made in the darkroom without a camera by arranging objects directly on photographic paper—incorporated phrases from hymns or Scripture.

Weaver, Carol
Weber, Idelle

Idelle Weber was born in Chicago and spent her childhood in Wilmett, Illinois, and Los Angeles. As a child, she created objects with her hands and spent time drawing, always fascinated with how things worked and how they were made.

Weber, Stephanie
Weier, Debra
Weinberg, Helen Joy
Weincek, Alicia
Weir, Louisa Ferguson

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